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Let’s Address The Elephant In the Room. Frankly, You’re Exhausted From…

  • Non-existent or unknowledgeable account managers.
  • Being told "Give it more time" to see results.
  • Being sold a dream, for it to end up a nightmare.
  • Echos of excuse after excuse.

“Their fee is more than my house payment. but my phone never rings.”

“I’ve probably spent more time managing this SEO company than they spent on our actual account.”

“I might as well have just gone to the casino instead. At least I would have had fun blowing my money away.”

Look, we’ve heard it all before. Something has to change. 

Welcome to HQDM. We're not your run-of-the-mill, cookie-cutter marketing agency. Born from the frustration of seeing businesses gamble away their hard earned money using so-called 'marketing gurus,' we're here to cut through the BS. 

Our purpose? Simple. To save your business from the smoke and mirrors of basement dwellers masquerading as marketers. 

And from the big agencies that cost an arm and a leg, only to stick you with junior level analysts actually working on your account, with your main point of contact “account manager” not really knowing what’s going on.

We Help You Dominate Search With SEO & Google Ads

Authenticity & Transparency

We don’t F#%& around or sugarcoat things. What you see is what you get.


You hate marketers? I bet you my future child’s tuition that we hate them more. He may inherit my dumb genes, but I’d like to give him a fighting chance.


We’re OBSESSED with the quality of our services, which is why we can so confidently guarantee results. After witnessing the atrocities of “marketers” and what they’ve done to our families, we’ve made a core focus on making the perfect product.


We thrive in competitive environments. Partnering with us ensures we CRUSH your local competitors (more on this later). Zach was a 3x state champion boxer and ranked #5 in the country. He takes competition very seriously.

Industries We Help

Clients We Service

How We Help SaaS

Join the countless SaaS companies who grew their demo bookings and revenue with our performance-based SEO services.

Like Raydiant, whose demo bookings we increased by over 440%.

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How We Help Ecommerce

Looking to grow your ecommerce business without filling Zuck's pockets even more? 

Learn how we increased StickerYou's organic revenue by 54% (The largest sticker company in the US and CA).

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How We Help Local Business

If you're looking for empty promises and over promised results, you're in the wrong place.

Local SEO is a walk in the park for us.

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Video Testimonials

Happy Client Reviews

Don't just take our word for it...

Written Testimonials

Happy Client Reviews

Here's just a few more (of hundreds)

Ashley F.

To be really honest, I wasn’t too sure when Zach promised Great things because I have used other SEO companies in the past that were charging big money for little results. Because of Zach, our traffic and the number of closings quadrupled!

Paul C.
CEO, I.T. Company

Zach is extremely knowledgeable in SEO. He delivered exactly what he promised when it came to link building and provided additional recommendations.

Chris L.
Landscape Designer

Ive enjoyed working with Zach. He did a great job on our project and met all milestones. He was prompt in answering questions and brought our 5E0 rankings up substantially in a short period of time. Zach is extremely knowledgeable in SEO. He delivered exactly what he promised.

Max J.
CEO, Digital Marketing Agency

I worked with Zach for about 4 months and I can easily say that he was one of the most experienced SEO experts I have ever worked with. Zach helped us with everything from keyword research, on-page optimizations, traffic building and much more. We asked him to help us with our agency clients as we were growing and needed someone to help our in-house team. We will definitely be working with him again.


Your Questions Answered

What Can I Expect From The HQDM Experience?

When you partner with us, you’re not just getting a marketing strategy; you’re getting a custom-crafted weapon, honed to cut through the digital noise and make your brand not just visible, but unforgettable. Think less boardroom, more war room. We’re here to disrupt the status quo, elevate your brand, and deliver results that others wouldn’t dare to promise. With HQDM, it’s not just marketing; it’s a movement.

“That’s Great And All. But What Do I Get? How Are You Any Different?”

✅ Direct access to the Vice President for direct communication
✅ 100% success rate (I know, I know… but we can prove it.)
✅ Guaranteed results or you don’t pay anything
✅ Having a growth partner instead of being just an account number (We get to intimately know and grow with each one of our clients)
✅ We’re intentionally a smaller agency. It allows us greater quality control and customization on each account. No cookie cutter BS.

Do You Have A Company Vision Or Are You A Lifeless Conglomerate?

We've been in your shoes, witnessing first-hand how these marketing charlatans play roulette with your hard-earned money. Our vision is crystal clear - rescue 10,000 businesses from the brink of insanity caused by shady marketing practices. We don’t just talk big; we back it up with guaranteed results.