Zach DeLorenzo


Meet Zach DeLorenzo - The Fighter Behind HQDM

Hello! I'm Zach DeLorenzo, the heart and soul behind HQDM, a performance-based SEO company dedicated to elevating businesses from the local brick-and-mortar shops to the towering heights of Fortune 500 giants. At HQDM, we blend the power of extensive resources with the finesse of bespoke strategies, ensuring that every solution we provide isn't just tailored, but personally crafted for your business’s unique digital footprint.

Our Philosophy: Big Enough to Serve, Small Enough to Care

In the vast digital landscape, we stand unique. Our team is robust enough to dedicate a wealth of resources to guarantee your success, yet we remain agile, ensuring every tactic is custom-made. What sets us apart? Direct access to our VP – a promise of personal investment in your growth, where your business doesn’t just get our expertise but our heart and soul.

The Journey from Numbers to Names

My path into the world of SEO wasn't paved with mere intentions; it was built on a decade of witnessing the good, the bad, and the downright ugly. Having cut my teeth in agencies where clients were seen as numbers and success was measured in dollars rather than real results, I knew something had to change. The industry was rife with churn-and-burn practices - a soul-sucking reality where the passion for genuine success was lost in translation.

A Mission Born from Experience

In 2019, driven by a vision to make a difference, I founded HQDM. Our mission? To safeguard 10,000 companies from the clutches of marketing charlatans. With each client we take on, we're not just aiming to elevate your SEO game; we're here to redefine the standards of trust and integrity in the digital marketing world.

A Champion’s Spirit

My background as a 3x NJ state champion boxer and ranking #5 in the country isn't just a testament to my dedication; it's a philosophy that I bring to HQDM. Just as in boxing, where passion, dedication, and a relentless competitive spirit are key, we apply the same principles to serve our clients. At HQDM, every challenge is met with determination, every strategy is devised with passion, and every success is a victory we fiercely seek.

Our Vision for the Future

Our vision extends beyond the immediate horizon. Saving 10,000 companies from subpar agencies isn't just a goal; it's a beacon that guides us in the murky waters of digital marketing. At HQDM, we don't just promise results; we commit to a partnership where your success is the ultimate prize.

Join the Revolution

At HQDM, your business’s digital journey is a cause we champion with unwavering commitment. If you're ready to experience a partnership where your success is fought for in every strategy, every analysis, and every implementation, then you're ready for HQDM. Let’s redefine what success in SEO looks like, together.